Tripp Trapp · 1972



Enabling children to get on top of the situation.
In 1972 the only sitting devices for children from the age of two onwards were special, low chairs, where the child sat with his feet on the floor.
When the children sat at the adult's table, they used ordinary chairs designed and intended for grown-ups.
My ambition, when designing the Tripp Trapp® chair in 1972, was to make one chair that could comfortably seat all ages (from approximately 6-8 months) at the same table by adapting the physical environment to children’s size and needs.  
When sitting on a higher seat than adults, and with a broad and stable foot support, children find it easier to participate in activities at the table.
With the unique height and depth adjustability and with the seat and foot support, the Tripp Trapp chair provide comfort to any age and size.
“Knowing that Tripp Trapp has lifted so many children to a higher level is a good feeling!” 


Tripp Trapp · 1972