Variable balans® · 1979


Varier Furniture

Licensee: Stokke (1979-2006) Varier Furniture from 2006
As the name "Variable" indicates, it is of primary importance that the chair offer movement and variation - the kneeling posture is one of many.
The two separate knee pads facilitate switching among different leg positions. It is especially when a person has activities on the table in front of him that this concept has an advantage over traditional chairs. Like with all other chairs, it is important to use it actively, changing sitting angle and sitting position.
Variable may be the chair for conscious users who like to sit "actively", finding the proper equilibrium for their upper bodies and for their heads. By sitting "actively", users can strengthen their back and abdominal muscles. It is the muscles and not the spine that is to bear the weight of the upper body.
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Variable balans® · 1979