HÅG Conventio Wing · 2006



A redesigned Conventio Wing was launched in 2006.
The seat and the back are made from recycled bumpers and household waste. The plastic components are labelled by type for at-source-sorting. The chair consists of a small number of elements from recyclable materials, easy to disassemble and replace.

When one sits dynamically and tilts the chair at different angles, the areas of pressure between one’s body and the surfaces of the chair are distributed to various parts of the body and one thereby avoids the negative feeling of a ”hard seat”. It is also important that the surface of the seat is not smooth. Uncomfortable pressure on the sensitive spine may be avoided by the V-shape in the centre of the backrest; the pressure will be distributed to the muscles on either side of the spine. Perforations counteract stickiness.
The padding is the component of a piece of sitting furniture that is normally the first to wear out. Making a chair comfortable without using padding results in a longer service life for the chair.

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HÅG Conventio Wing · 2006