Globe Garden · 2014



The Globe Garden – a re-launch of an icon
Shows how norms of sitting nicely and sitting still can be broken
Garden was licenseed by the Norwegian company Stokke from 1985 to 2005. It is now re-launched at the 2014 Stockholm Furniture Fair in a new version by Moment AB.
In the new version the branches of the tree continue down and become supporting roots. The Globe Garden is not only an icon; it is an art object and eye-catcher. It also offers numerous comfortable sitting positions!
It is primarily intended for public spaces. For instance at airport meeting points, where the person who is waiting can see over the crowd and can also easily be spotted.

In his book “Rethinking sitting” Peter Opsvik has the following to say about Garden;
• We have become a sedentary society with a rather limited view of how we should fold our limbs when sitting. It was essential to demolish the stereotypic ideal of the proper sitting posture.
• We should pay more attention to what our body is telling us and be less concerned with convention.
• Garden was developed more as a message than a piece of furniture.
• And remember; our ancestors lived in the trees
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Globe Garden · 2014