Peter Opsvik's design is exhibited in Germany

Now you can experience Opsvik's design at two different exhibitions in Germany:

"House of Norway" at the Museum Angewandte Kunst in Franfurt and
"Nordic Design - The Response to the Bauhaus" at the Bröhan Museum in Berlin

With HOUSE OF NORWAY the Museum Angewandte Kunst devotes its entire exhibition space to Norway, Frankfurt Book Fair’s guest of honour 2019. The exhibition HOUSE OF NORWAY brings together works of art, design, craftsmanship and architecture in order to create special constellations that surprise and propose a new way of seeing.

To conclude the year of the Bauhaus centennial, Bröhan-Museum will be holding the exhibition “Nordic Design. The Response to the Bauhaus”, looking at the reaction of the Nordic countries to German functionalism. The show presents the Scandinavian path to modernism, which involved an intense engagement with the ideas of the Bauhaus. 

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