Håg Capisco is the Norwegian winner in the Nordic Design Competition

Statement by the jury; “Håg Capisco demonstrates life cycle thinking and circularity throughout the entire design. The chair is durable, repairable and easy to disassemble. It is made of recyclable materials, of which 50 percent are recycled post-consumer plastics.

The chair has a strong focus on ergonomics and healthy living and is still innovative, more than 30 years after it was first launched. With its unconventional features, it challenges and provokes. The design reflects a playful approach to sitting, with unexpected design solutions. The idea behind the sculptural saddle shaped seat is that the best posture is always the next one. HÅG Capisco is a great example of product design as a means for solving real life challenges."

Designers in the Nordic countries are devoted to a long tradition of social engagement and seem to constantly move the borders of what is to be considered sustainable design. As Nordic designers and manufacturers integrate elements of sustainability into the development of everyday objects they gradually lead the way for others. The Nordic Council of Ministers would like to address the challenge of sustainability by taking a look at what was already present – their question was: "How sustainable is your current crop of well-designed chairs?"

One chair from each of the Nordic countries have been chosen by the juries. These chairs will be sent to COP24 in Katowice, Poland, where they will be part of an exhibition on sustainability at the 'Nordic Pavilion' and a Nordic winner will be announced during the conference.

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