Citrus foldable kick scooter "from room to room"

Challenged by the problems of urban transport, a new intermodal transport concept has been developed. CITRUS may work in close cooperation with public transportation through a one-grip transformation into a compact trolley case, or it may offer its user superb independency in city traffic as a tri-scooter. An electric drive works in combination with kick scooter functionality, giving flexible transportation for any user, in any mood, and with any driving style.
A person’s need for transport is often linked to a movement from start-point to destination, or “from room to room”. These rooms we define as the persons controllable spheres, being at home, at the office or at the downtown restaurant. Being accepted in indoor environments as a trolley case, CITRUS can easily be brought along into these rooms.
The CITRUS represents a transport concept, and the prototype is to be regarded a design suggestion. The visual appearance and materials can be very different, depending on interests in a future partnership.
Existing scooters are an extra burden if they have to be taken into a shop, unlike the Citrus, which can transport the items the user intends to buy. Three wheels provide stability even while standing still or driving at slow speeds and larger wheels more easily negotiate kerbs and rough surfaces than smalller ones.